MARE- Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre (MARE-Madeira)

MARE- Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre is a centre for research, technological development, and innovation, with seven poles located in Portugal mainland and Madeira island (MARE-Madeira). MARE-Madeira is currently hosted by the Regional Agency for the Development of Research Technology and Innovation (ARDITI), a non-profit organization, which supports research and innovation, promotes scientific and technological training and contributes to modernization and development of the Madeira Autonomous Region (RAM), Portugal.

MARE was recently classified as Excellent R & D Unit by the Portuguese National Science Foundation (FCT). MARE-Madeira researchers develop their work and projects at different facilities, providing multiple assets for marine-related research, including mesocosms, laboratories, and a broad range of field and laboratory equipment. MARE-Madeira currently has several ongoing projects focusing on a wide variety of research fields, such as coastal ecology, marine biological invasion processes, habitat mapping, marine litter, marine mammal ecology and conservation, fisheries, climate change, and human-related stressors and impacts on coastal ecosystems.