MARE Centro de Ciências do Mar e do Ambiente
Summer has arrived, and with it, MARE-Madeira and Arditi are starting the annual underwater census surveys along the South coast of Madeira island, counting algae, invertebrates and fish in multiple locations, at different depths and under different environmental conditions and pressure thresholds. Continued long-term monitoring and survey programs are essential to detect patterns and better understand the factors and stressors affecting them.

Since the MARE-Madeira team started it in 2017 as a joint effort from multiple projects, the annual underwater surveys have had many researchers and volunteers involved. With the cooperation of multiple organizations and dive operators, this young long term program has already contributed to several project deliverables and papers.

We hope with every coming year, we continue to add to this comprehensive dataset for the wider scientific community to further improve management and conservation. Here are but a few examples of the team’s hard work:

  • Cronius ruber (Lamarck, 1818) arrives to Madeira Island: a new indication of the ongoing tropicalization of the northeastern Atlantic.
  • Lost and found: A new hope for the seagrass Cymodocea nodosa in the marine ecosystem of a subtropical Atlantic Island.
  • Before and after a disease outbreak: Tracking a keystone species recovery from a mass mortality event.
  • Novel approach to enhance coastal habitat and biotope mapping with drone aerial imagery analysis.
  • Disease Outbreak in a Keystone Grazer Population Brings Hope to the Recovery of Macroalgal Forests in a Barren Dominated Island.