Research Grants and Projects

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OCEANLIT’s overall objective is “to reduce marine debris, help conserve and restore coastal and marine protected natural spaces in oceanic… Read more »


The “ROV4all” project has as its main objective to promote the interest and motivation of 9th-grade students of Basic and… Read more »


PLASMAR + actions, to support the OEM based on scientific knowledge and ecosystem approach, cover the entire EEZ of the… Read more »


Through the already created MARCET Network (MAC / 1.1b / 149), the consequent harmonization of protocols aimed at the conservation… Read more »


The INTERTAGUA project is particularly focused on the development and improvement of low-cost sensor systems for monitoring biodiversity and the… Read more »


The need for conservation and sustainable use of the ocean is urgent. In particular, a greater awareness of the population regarding… Read more »


Less than approximately 10% of plastic that enters the ocean can now be accounted for, probably due to fragmentation into… Read more »


Project MIMAR+ seeks to consolidate and expand the advances in knowledge generated with the previous MIMAR project. It involves agents… Read more »


Project IMPLAMAC aims to create an observatory that generates quantitative and qualitative data on the impact of microplastics and different… Read more »


The objective of the GoJelly project is to develop, test and promote a gelatinous solution to microplastic pollution by developing… Read more »


CleanAtlantic aims to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Atlantic Area by improving capabilities to monitor, prevent and remove… Read more »