Citizen Science, Restoration and Conservation

Seagrass - MARE Madeira

Around the Globe, public involvement and citizen engagement are increasingly becoming an important source of data, providing valuable information for scientific uses with low dedicated effort and costs. MARE-Madeira citizen science initiatives emerge from collaborations between researchers of different fields of science, stakeholders, and interested members of the local community. Through these collaborations, volunteers have been helping in mapping litter and fauna, assisting researchers to uncover geographic distribution patterns and correlations with multiple factors. Simultaneously, public engagement effectively contributes to raising awareness of marine conservation issues and to the importance of marine-related research.

Presently, MARE-Madeira is also developing multiple projects and initiatives that are designed to promote and enhance the protection and restoration of coastal habitats in the region. These efforts include innovative community-based spatial management, restoration, and conservation projects aiming to regenerate lost seagrass meadows and macroalgal forests in Madeira.