Ecosystem Based Approach on Plankton and Benthic Ecology

Jellyfish - MARE-Madeira

Plankton and benthic organisms are influenced by a combination of physical, chemical, and biological components, which have a direct influence on their ecology. Modification(s) in morphological, life history, behavioral, and/or physiological traits of species or functional group(s) might drive cascade effects in organism interactions, biogeochemical cycle, and eventually at the level of the entire ecosystem

In the context of anthropogenic pressures increasing and climate changes, a holistic approach is primordial for monitoring and investigating the complex effects and interactions of the different components on plankton and benthic organism ecology. 

MARE-Madeira seeks, through field survey, experiments, and modeling, to understand how plankton and benthic communities of the insular system react to multiple abiotic (e.g. climate change, microplastic, land influxes,…) and biotic (e.g. NIS, predation,…) stressors, as well as how the changes in those communities impact the ecosystem structure and functioning.