Marine Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Ecology studies and monitoring of marine habitats greatly rely on qualitative and quantitative data collection on the biological diversity and organisms’ abundance over gradients of different environmental conditions and factors. To great extent, these have been hampered by limited capabilities in data collection and in data processing, but the rise of Artificial Intelligence, digital massification, and increasingly easier access to hardware development and cheaper technologies have opened the door to the development of customizable sensors, survey technology, and Artificial Intelligence assisted processing.

MARE-Madeira is invested in developing methodological tools, sensors with data logging capabilities, remote sensing protocols, mobile apps, and optimized automated classification of imagery and other data. Research is focused on providing new tools and functional workflows with multiple applications in marine ecology and biology studies in islands, ranging from bathymetric mapping and litter detection from aerial imagery to submersible robots, multi-sensors, and data loggers or custom Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems and automated image classification workflows.