The Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre (MARE) is a multi-regional marine research and development centre with seven research units across Portugal mainland and Madeira Island. Hosted by ARDITI on Madeira Island, MARE-Madeira is the largest non-profit marine research institute in Madeira.

“New urgencies are bringing man back to the sea from whence all life has sprung.” – Jacques Piccard, 1961

Our mission

To further our understanding of marine life and ecosystems, to inform conservation and good practice.
To educate and inspire with stories of marine life, scientific research and our remarkable, life-sustaining ocean.
To develop low-cost technologies that improve access to marine research and empower citizen scientists.

Research teams


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Photo credits: Feature image by Nuno Vasco Rodrigues; underwater diver by João Monteiro; Madeira rockfish by Alejandro Escánez; footer image by João Monteiro