Projects & grants


To promote the development of sustainable and innovative aquaculture by investigating the production of marine invertebrates.


To develop a model for the recovery of organic waste using the black soldier fly and circular economy principles, as a sustainable source of animal feed.


To protect biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Atlantic Area by improving capabilities to monitor, prevent and remove marine litter.


To develop a flexible, international toolbox that can monitor and restore coastal habitats and enhance climate resilience in coastal communities.


To map the distribution of microplastics in water, sediments and biota from the coast to the open ocean and deep sea.


To understand the impact of microplastics and other pollutants along the coasts of Macaronesia by monitoring the quantity and degree of pollution and its incidence across trophic chains.


To develop and improve low-cost sensor systems to monitor biodiversity and the oceans, as well as related human and economic impacts.


To improve whale-watching sustainability and user experiences by using near real-time technology for data collection and on-shore interactive exploration.


To create value-added products for waste reduction and the efficient use of resources, applying circular economy principles and research in aquaculture, hydroponics and microalgae.


To generate management tools at the local and regional level for the protection of cetaceans living in marine protected areas and to establish criteria for sustainable whale watching ecotourism.


To improve marine management by designing a user-friendly, ‘socio-ecological’ framework that will foster a more sustainable, resilient blue economy.


To evaluate plastics’ acoustic characteristics compared to those of the natural prey of deep-diving predators. Outcomes include mitigation measures in terms of plastic composition and structure.


To develop robust scientific methodologies for the development of sustainable maritime spatial planning in Macaronesia.


To evaluate the impact of invasive species, harmful algal blooms and changes produced by global warming and human activity in marine habitats.


To reduce marine debris, help conserve and restore coastal and marine protected natural spaces in oceanic archipelagos.

Whale Tales

To increase our scientific knowledge on the habitat use and health of the sperm whale in the insular environments of Macaronesia.