Carlos Andrade

Principal Investigator

Carlos Andrade holds a Licentiate degree in Marine Biology from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon (1986), an M.Sc. degree in Aquatic Resource Management from the King´s College, University of London (1988), and a Ph.D. in Marine Biology and Aquaculture from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon (2012). He is a Principal Researcher at the MARE-ARDITI. He is a member of the Board of the Oceanic Observatory of Madeira – ARDITI, a consortium of local public and private entities that promote oceanic research and literacy. Before, in 1995, he established the Baía de Abra aquaculture pilot project for the Fisheries Directorate of Madeira, the first offshore fish farm in Portugal, that he managed until 2004. From 2000 to 2023 he was Head of the Aquaculture Division at the Regional Government of Madeira and responsible for the Mariculture Centre of Calheta, a marine aquaculture research unit and fish hatchery. His present research interests lie in the development of methods and technologies for the sustainable production of low-trophic aquatic species both in laboratories and at large oceanic farming facilities. Also of his interest is the evaluation of alternative sustainable feed and compound feed ingredients as part of the circular economy goal.