Filipa Paiva

Filipa Paiva

Scientific Profile

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Filipa Paiva is a Research Collaborator at MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, Regional Agency for the Development of Research Technology and Innovation (ARDITI). 

Filipa completed her PhD degree in Marine Sciences at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany in 2020. In her project, she studied whether species from certain regions (i.e., Ponto-Caspian region) have inherent advantages over others (i.e., Northern Europe and North America) in invading new areas. She has broad interests in invasion ecology and the impacts of global climate change and human activities on the oceans in general. 

Main Research Interests

Invasion ecology; Non-Indigenous Species; Citizen Science; Microplastics; Marine debris; Marine conservation; Climate change; Experimental ecology; Mesocosms; Stress ecology;

MARE Research Groups

Coastal Systems and Ocean

MARE Thematic Line(s)

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
Environmental Risk