Juan Sempere-Valverde

Juan Sempere-Valverde

Scientific Profile

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Juan is doing his PhD at the Department of Zoology of the University of Seville, Spain, under the supervision of Prof. J. M. Guerra-García (years 2019-2023). His research falls within the fields of Marine Coastal Biology, Ecology, Conservation and Marine Invasions, and he is currently working on the quantification of the ecological impacts of coastal protection infrastructures and the development of mitigation measures.

The Department of Zoology of the University of Seville has collaborated on several occasions with MARE-Madeira, which has resulted in joint fieldwork activities, publications, several research stays, workshops and outreach activities. Within the framework of his PhD, Juan is joining this inter-institutional collaboration while providing information on the contribution of coastal defense structures in structuring marine benthic communities.

Check https://personal.us.es/jsvalverde for more information about Juan.

Main Research Interests

Coastal Ecology; Ecological Conservation; Non-Indigenous Species; Biological Indicators; Population Ecology; Ocean Sprawl; Ecological Engineering.

MARE Research Groups

Coastal Systems and Ocean

MARE Thematic Line(s)

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
Environmental Risk