Luísa Costa

Luisa Costa

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Luísa Costa is Curator of Polychaeta at the Funchal Natural History Museum and deputy head of the Funchal Marine Biology Station.

Luísa Costa has a Marine Biology BSc from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon since 2002. Now works at the Funchal Marine Biology Station, mostly on deep-sea fish diet, histology, and taxonomy studies and marine science communication and education. Luísa took part in scientific expeditions in the framework of projects: Ventox (Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents: A Natural Pollution Laboratory), Pescprof (Eastern Central Atlantic Deep-sea Resources), Marprof (Assessment and Gastronomic Enhancement of new deep-sea fishery products), Mariscomac (Development of scientific and technical conditions, professional qualification, knowhow and technology transfer towards the sustainable exploitation and commercialization of Macaronesian shellfish) and Macarofood (Valorisation of marine products from Macaronesia: tourism, gastronomy and professional training).

Main Research Interests

Deep-sea biology; Taxonomy; Crustaceans; Polychaetes; Fish parasites; Marine conservation.

MARE Research Groups

Coastal Systems and Ocean

MARE Thematic Line(s)

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning