Sahar Chebaane

Sahar Chebaane

Scientific Profile

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Sahar Chebanne is a PhD student at MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, Regional Agency for the Development of Research Technology and Innovation (ARDITI).

Sahar started her career studying non-indigenous species in 2015. Her bachelor thesis was on monitoring non-indigenous species in harbours in Tunisia. After finishing the Bachelors, she completed her master’s degree at the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax on aquatic biodiversity. She completed her master thesis on marine bioinvasion, which involved deploying a monitoring system for non-indigenous species in harbours and marine protected areas. During her time at university, Sahar published two papers as the first author and got a prize for the best oral communication in one international symposium. Currently, Sahar PhD focused on how non-indigenous species proliferation can affect diets and feeding behaviours of native species in Madeira island.

Main Research Interests

Invasion Ecology; Community Ecology; Biogeography; Non-Indigenous Species; marine conservation; climate change; experimental ecology; management of marine protected areas; Taxonomy; Biodiversity monitoring; Marine aquaculture.

MARE Research Groups

Coastal Systems and Ocean

MARE Thematic Line(s)

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
Environmental Risk